Series Begins on October 2nd

As we listen to the news, random violence and rapid changes in the world governments can make it feel like the ground is shifting beneath us. Is there any way to have certainty in life? What does the Bible say? Attend Discovering Revelation, coming to Saginaw location on Monday, October 2nd and learn how you can clearly understand the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, which offer us hope for the future.

What our church members say

This church is committed to sharing the good news of Jesus’ soon coming. Come and meet Jesus and be blessed worshiping with fellow believers.

Janice S.

The church really helps out the community and I love the sister I always speak with when she ask me if I need prayers, lol I tell her sister I have a list lol…then we giggle and she prays for my list…

Isabell Venegas

Wonderful and friendly people to worship with!

Peggy V.

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